Single_originMon-Fri: 6.30am-4pm
60-64 Reservoir St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010
P: 02 9211 0665
W: www.singleorigin.com.au
T: @single_o

Passion for coffee: 8/10 (minus 1 for inconsistency)
Coffee beans: a range of single origin beans (just ask them)
Crema: (1=burnt, 10=velvet) – 8/10
Special coffees: Syphon, cold drip

I have been coming to Single Origin for years. While often this is only a once a week affair (so that I can attend #coffeemornings – a meetup of interesting people), it is always great coming back to a cafe that really, really loves coffee.

Being that I have been coming here for so long, it is not surprising that I am known as the red headed dbl mac guy who speaks Japanese. The only issue is that as a “jouren” (regular customer), and having my order brought to me as I like it makes me feel kinda special. This is a problem when a new waiter does not recognise me, and brings me something much closer to a piccolo latter than a dbl mac (yes… I know I am a coffee snob…. and I am ok with that).

Let me briefly outline why I am so picky. I love and desire (really well made) coffee. I love the velvety bitterness as it warms my mouth, smoothly highlighting the skill of the person who made it. I love tasting the difference in the beans, from the freshness to the grind. I love the variety of flavours that exude from an awesome cup, like whisky, that others seem to skip over….. but……….. when it is not to this level….. I am left wishing for more….

If the coffee is over espressed and bitter, if the coffee is left to sit and the crema starts to burn, if then simplicity of a dbl mac is overwhelmed with too much milk….. I feel somewhat unhappy (and the person sitting next to me at the table will likely here me mutter as much). I expect too much I know…. but when I find it *fist pump* I feel awesome!

As such, while trying to think of what rating to give these guys, as I certainly love it enough that I keep on coming back, I nearly gave them a 4 star rating purely for the inconsistency in my order (that rarely happens), or for the fact that when they get busy (which often happens) the coffees and food can take a while to come out…. But… these guys LOVE coffee!! Maybe even more than me… so 5 stars it had to be.

A few months back for a food festival they had a degustation of coffee which speaks to this love. With this came a single origin espresso, syphon coffee and a cold filter…. as well as a breakfast item from the same place as the coffee!! This speaks highly of their awesomeness… :-)

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