The Little Marionette
Mon-Fri 7:00 – 16:00
Sat-Sun 8:00 – 16:00
18A Trafalgar St,
Annandale NSW 2038

02 9557 8337

Passion for coffee: 9/10
Crema (1=burnt, 10=velvet) 9/10
Coffee: Roasted on site

Seems we have a contender. On a rainy day such as today, in search for an awesome cafe, serving well made coffee, and maybe even a nice pastry or such, you’d think was asking too much? And then I found the Little Marionette on the Dale. Such an awesome laid back cafe with brilliant service ticked all of the boxes.

In fact as I drove by this cafe, nearly missing it thanks to the lack of obvious signage, I was lucky that I saw someone walk out of their doorway holding a coffee. Otherwise I may have missed out on a well made dbl mac, a nice crispy pastry, and a clean cold filtered coffee. As it turned out, I missed out on non of the above. :-)

I was also interested to see that they have a roaster in the back, which would explain much of their interest in making great coffee. I certainly look forward to going back again, if for no other reason to find out how consistent their coffee is.

If you are in the area, this is a great cafe to get yourself to.
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